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Online Blackjack for real money is a very enjoyable card game that has been played by gamblers for years. Probably because it is such an easy game to learn, black jack has retained its popularity over the years, despite the emergence of tons of other card games. Blackjack uses one or more standard decks of playing cards, with no jokers. The basic aim of the game is to form a hand of "21" or nearest to it, without going over.

What is Online Blackjack?

Every player gets dealt 2 cards. With those 2 cards, he or she must try and form "21." Face cards are 10 and the ace takes on a value of 1 or 11, depending on what the player wills it. Players can request more cards in an attempt to get to 21, or decide to "stand," lets say if they have a high score just from the two. The advantage of standing is that one does not risk going bust (exceeding 21). But the disadvantage of standing is still risky. One takes a risk that the dealer will have a hand which is higher than the one you have decided to stand on. However, having said that, if a player does decide to take a gamble in black jack and request another card, and that card makes the full hand exceed 21, then one busts and automatically loses the game. So that is where the gamble comes in to the black jack game.

How Black Jack Works

Hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs are irrelevant to one's hand in black jack. All that is important in the game is the number one forms from their hand. One can spot the black jack table in the online casino as it is the semi-circle one with a dealer standing in the middle of the straight side and the players sitting around the circle's arc. One can easily join a black jack game, just by sitting down at an open seat and placing a bet in the marked area in front of him or her.

A Brief History of Black Jack

Like a lot of gambling games, there are quite a few stories surrounding how black jack first emerged. One is that it came from France - a spin off from Vingt-et-un (which means 21 in French) way back in the 1700s. A version of the game ended up in North America (taken there by French colonists) and then spread all through the continent. In 1931 21 came to Nevada (gambling had just become legal). Some casinos even gave players a special deal if they got the black jack (Jack of Club or Jack of Spades) to form their 21. That offer soon ended, but the game was - and still is - usually referred to as black jack, although some call it 21 too. Black jack is probably still evolving even today.

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Probably because it is such an easy game to learn, black jack has retained its popularity over the years, despite the emergence of tons of other card games.

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Gambling Fun Facts: How far back do casinos go?

Some historians believe that organized gaming began with the Ridotto, a Venice betting salon that was established in Italy in 1638. Egyptologists disagree -- they have found evidence that demonstrates that ancient Egyptians gambled on their favorite game of senet as they sat next to the Nile while their purring cats curled up by their side. Gambling of one form or another has always had a place in society but gaming began to be organized in casinos in the 18th century and casino venues soon dotted the landscape from the French Riviera in Western Europe to New South Wales in Australia and Las Vegas and Atlantic City in the United States. Casino gambling moved to the internet in the 1990s and within a matter of a few years millions of new gamers had joined the new online casino venues which allowed them to reap the benefits of being able to sign in to their online casino account and play their preferred games at any time of the day or night. Online games started out with simple graphics and basic sound tracks but within a short amount of time the casinos expanded to include the high quality gaming enhancements which online players enjoy today. Modern players have their choice of gaming platforms including the Flash Casino for gamers who play on public computers and the Download Casino for gamblers who play at home. Mobile device users, however, can play all of their preferred casino games at any time and from any location on their personal handheld mobile device.

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